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New World Bioarchaeology Lab

The New World bioarchaeology lab (supervised by Dr. Molly Zuckerman) is a secure research laboratory for biological anthropology in room 223b in Etheredge Hall.  The lab includes extensive storage for specimens, minor equipment, and materials, as well as four work stations for students or visiting researchers.  Human skeletal material curated here includes individuals excavated during various Cobb Institute and AMEC field projects, as well as the archaeological assemblage from the Aklis site (on St. Croix, USVI), including multiple sets of human remains. Equipment includes: a digital microscope, a trinocular light microscope; two computer workstations with desktop PCs on a closed University network; osteometric equipment; a Buehler Isomet low speed saw and two Buehler Minimet polishers for histological research in dental anthropology and skeletal biology; a photography setup with a dedicated camera for photographing skeletal specimens; and reagents, minor equipment, and necessary materials for conducting trace element and stable isotopic analyses; osteometric equipment; and dental casting materials.