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Cobb Institute Library

The Cobb Institute has a large, non-lending library on the second floor that includes over 5,000 books, technical reports, and academic journals on the archaeology of the Near East and Southeastern United States.  In addition, the archaeological curation facility on Buckner Lane houses hundreds of archaeological reports (“gray literature”) from cultural resource management projects throughout the state of Mississippi and adjacent areas.  Both locations have tables and work areas available for researchers.

Our collections are in the process of being added to the university library system – if you would like to inquire about the availability a specific title, or to set up a visit, please contact Derek Anderson for items in the Cobb library, or Dr. Tony Boudreaux for technical reports housed at the curation facility.  If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation of books or cash to the Cobb Institute, please contact Mr. Anderson for details about the donation process and documentation of your donation for tax purposes.