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Biological Anthropology Teaching Lab

The biological anthropology teaching laboratory is a recently (2012) renovated and outfitted teaching and laboratory facility for undergraduate and graduate research and instruction in room 224 of Etheredge Hall. The BATL, which has restricted access, is a combined smart classroom teaching facility and laboratory which includes extensive storage for laboratory specimens (including human skeletal remains and a variety of casts), minor equipment, and materials; a computer workstation connected to an audio-visual system with projector and speakers; four portable PCs on the wireless University network; two 48” fume hoods for preparation and processing of samples for isotopic and trace element analysis; and mobile workgroup seating built by Kewaunee Scientific Corporation with built-in sinks, electrical outlets, and under-the-counter storage. This classroom is also ideally suited to hands-on workshops and seminars for students and the public, and hosts the AMEC brown bag speaker series each semester.