Dr. Geoffrey Ludvik

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  • Near Eastern Archaeologist


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Geoffrey has a Ph.D. in anthropology (archaeology) with an emphasis in Near Eastern archaeology and Hebrew and Semitic studies, an M.A. in anthropology, and a B.A. in classical humanities and anthropology, all from the UW-Madison. Specializing in the history and archaeology of the land of the Bible and of the Eastern Mediterranean more broadly, he has taught courses in world archaeology, general anthropology, ancient technology, Egypt and the Near East, classical mythology, and classical Latin during his graduate studies. His research focuses on stone ornament production and the reconstruction of ancient trade networks. He is also a staff member of the Tell el-Hesi Regional Project in Israel, excavating a tenth century BCE Israelite border outpost called Khirbet Summeily. He is the Director of Student Ministries, Latin, and History at St. Ambrose Academy in Madison, Wisconsin and is an honorary fellow at UW-Madison.