Meg Wang

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Meg Wang is an Assistant Professor at the Mississippi State University Libraries. Her specialties are cataloging, collections management, and conservation as well as the scientific analysis of artifacts. Meg holds a M.A. Degree in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester (UK), M.Sc. Degree with Distinction in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums from the University College London (UK) and an MLIS from the University of Southern Mississippi.

She has worked in various cultural heritage institutions in three continents, including the British Museum, the Museum of London, the National Palace Museum in Taipei (NPM), the Centre for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France (C2RMF) in Paris, the Cobb Institute of Archaeology, and the Mississippi University for Women (MUW) Galleries. During her service at the NPM conservation lab, Meg set up a computed radiography and XRF facility as well as executed a six-year digital archives project for the NPM conservation database. On her visit to C2RMF/the Louvre in 2004 and in 2006, Meg operated the Accélérateur Grand louvre d’Analyses Elémentaires (AGLAE) to conduct PIXE analysis on pigment and glaze. Meg also worked with Taiwanese archaeologists to implement two-step PEG impregnation treatment on waterlogged wood specimens from the Kiwulan site (2006-07). While serving as an adjunct assistant professor at the Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan (2009-13), she helped to establish a conservation lab in the Department of Art History and taught undergraduate courses: conservation and science, ceramic conservation.